Learning community strengthening your business capacities and capabilities

To-Plate Training is a learning community that strives to strengthen the capacities and capabilities of Australian businesses and industries.

Striving to transform your capabilities

To-Plate Training is a learning community that strives to strengthen the capacities and capabilities of Australian businesses and industries. To-Plate’s training is designed to identify and build the skills required to achieve a business’s vision. 

Through a process of review and skill-building, our training takes a cohort of independent business and industry leaders through short, focused training. 

Training is often not a priority for Australian producers, however, they sometimes require commercial assistance as they scale and grow their passions to a greater audience. To-Plate training focuses on zooming out of the day-to-day in order to effectively reach commercial goals, while still protecting the integrity of their brand and products. 

Business building and skill-building

How We Train

Developed as a partnership with Cahoot Learning, To-Plate training offers immersive, flexible and community-based online training. 

Community: Cahoot helps foster relationships between peers from diverse backgrounds, allowing learners to understand different commercial perspectives and apply new solutions. Other online courses fall short when participants are isolated, looking at outdating theory and receive no feedback. 

Immersive experience: Learners are constantly engaging with others, solving problems, introduced to case studies, current business problems and have the right tools to interact with their cohort. 

Thought Leaders: To-Plate training focuses on the reality of business building and skill-building. Our thought leaders are real practitioners with commercial experience in domestic and international businesses. They will share applicable case studies to support participants in their journey.

Why Cahoot?

Collaborative learning that builds capability and shifts mindsets

Collaborative learning that builds capability and shifts mindsets

Engagement is a precondition for effective learning. Yet many programs today are still developed traditionally, focusing on content overload with minimal input from the learner.

Cahoot is changing that by creating a transformative digital learning experience through learner-centred designed programs that foster relationships between peers to drive effective outcomes.

Current Courses

Scaling your business and brand to profit

Pushing through to growth: scaling your business and brand to profit

Date: October 2022

For business owners and key staff who started the business with a clear passion and dream but have struggled with the commercial realities to develop a profitable business. This training will focus on helping owners and key staff move from the day-to-day to strategic decision-making, in order to effectively reach their commercial goals.

Building new stages of growth and momentum

Date: November 2022

For business owners and key staff transitioning into a new stage of growth or development. This includes considering new customer channels, new domestic or international markets, scale and product development.

Building new stages of business growth and momentum
Creating a path to digitalisation strategy for your business

Creating a path to digitalisation strategy

Date: November 2022

For business owners and key staff who struggle to translate their vision offering to digital communications, processes and efficiencies.

Express your interest in our future courses

The following courses will be on offer in the coming months:

  • Building a clear retail strategy for success.
  • Identifying opportunities in Asia and learning to navigate the right approach.
  • How to identify if your product or service has export potential.
  • What is the export process? Learning the path to exporting.
Business training and market development

Further Training Services

Training for Industry and Government

Industry training programs

To-Plate training also offers solutions for industry and government. Our experience in change management and consulting directly to Australian businesses allows us to guide industry and government on how the industry can best be supported.

Industry training is suitable for industry bodies and associations and local, state and federal government teams in building their commercial outcomes around trade, building regional capacity for trade and attracting investment.

Training is delivered in a tailored hybrid model, with face-to-face, online learning content or virtual webinars.

Mentoring and Coaching

Business mentoring and coaching

To-Plate has extensive experience guiding business owners and senior staff through growth, uncertainty and opportunity phases.

Mentoring and coaching can be customised to solve a pressing problem or sustain support and guidance.

Mentoring and coaching is an honest and head-on solution to ensure that the business leadership is steering growth and success. 

Speaking Engagements

Speakers for export market development

The executive team of To-Plate regularly speaks to government, business and industry leaders on the necessity of developing solid capabilities and capacities in all business functions as critical to success.

Speaking engagements are tailored to each audience’s area of interest, whether small leadership teams, trade officials, regional associations or industry bodies. Our passion and experience see us bring practical insights and case studies that will leave groups inspired to develop momentum and seek opportunities in the agribusiness, food and beverage supply chain.

The mentoring made me realise I am not quite ready to export just yet, but I feel that I have a head start in getting myself mentally prepared if that is the direction I would like to take the business. In addition, the ability to really get clear about my business and dig deep is invaluable. I have really enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend to others..

Jennifer, Western Australia

Developing your businesses training needs

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